Opera News Feed: How To Advertise On Opera Mini In Nigeria

By using the Opera Ad Manager, you can now advertise on Opera News and Opera Mini in Nigeria.

Using the simple and easy-to-use platform, you will be able to launch your own ad campaign with the touch of a button.

Advertisers may self-manage and optimize their marketing campaigns on the platform, making it simple and effective for them to tap into the Opera Network and reach and engage their target market. Advertisers can deliver their message to the correct audience at the right time and in the best location thanks to the wide targeting possibilities.

Using cutting-edge self-serve tools, the process of putting an opera ad is simple, fully controllable at all stages, and simply modified to align the campaign with its goals.

Simply follow these simple steps to establish your first Opera Ads campaign using Opera Ad Manager:

Create an account: Set up your account via https://admanager.opera.com

Define your campaign: Create your campaign by selecting targeting parameters: placement type, objective, device, country, gender, interest, language and many more.

Set your budget: Select the budget and choose the dates of the campaign. Your budget will determine how many impressions your campaign receives.

Create your Ad: Choose the creative, title, description, call-to-action and destination URL.

Launch your campaign: Simply select a payment option and go live with your campaign.

Opera Ads Price

Are you curious about the cost of advertising on Opera News and Opera Mini in Nigeria? Well, there are no set prices.

You have the option of paying per click or per thousand impressions (CPM)

Opera News Feed ads cost $291 per thousand impressions at the time of writing this piece.

If you wish to pay per click for Opera News Ad, you’ll have to pay between #19 and #22 per click, as seen in the figure below.


I hope this information is useful.

To find out the current cost of Opera Ads in Nigeria, register and login to Opera Ads Manager.

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