9 Reasons Why You Should Get The PennyTree App Right Now

You may use PennyTree to keep track of your savings and payments, and it does it in a fun and easy way.

Digital lifestyle platform with an AI-powered purpose to push the saving culture to the next level is what this is all about. Introducing Penn Rules, the first of its kind in Africa, PennyTree’s new digital lifestyle product that enables worry-free saving and spending while you go about your daily life in the digital village.

As previously said, PennyTree is more than just another savings software. Why should you sign up for PennyTree right now?

Earn free money on Penn Wallet

What’s this? When it comes to collecting and disbursing money, it’s not just a catchy term. If you utilize PennyTree on a regular basis, you will earn free money on all of your Penn Wallet funds.

Avoid unnecessary bank charges

Your bank fees can be avoided with the PennyTree wallet system. Using your Penn Wallet, you can transfer money to friends and family members without incurring any fees. Using PennyTree, you can transfer money from one user’s wallet to another in a matter of seconds.

Earn N50,000 in 30 Days on PennyTree

PennyTree will pay you if you refer your friends and family to the app. If you participate in PennyTree’s referral program, you can earn up to 50,000 yen in 30 days. Only by inviting friends with your referral code and ensuring that they become verified users can you earn money.

Safety and security

Every penny and every piece of information is completely safe. It’s safe to say that your money and information are safe with us.

No delayed transactions

You don’t have to be concerned about transactions being held up. A transaction can be completed in less time than it takes to correctly pronounce the name of your country’s president.

Save without second guessing

If you save regularly, you’ll see an increase in your bank account. Using lifestyle-friendly features like “Hey PennyTree, save X amount of money each time I request an uber/bolt ride or save X each time I do Y,” PennyTree saves and grows your money automatically as you go about your daily activities. Imagine that.

Buy airtime and pay for utilities seamlessly

It seemed to us that by retaining some of your money and aiding in its growth, we could alleviate some of the burden of having to constantly switch between apps to obtain basic necessities.

Our goal is to make your life as simple as possible, and if your landlord is on PennyTree, we’d be happy to make it as easy as possible for you to pay him. It’s easy to acquire airtime, pay for utilities, and subscribe to data plans on PennyTree, which eliminates the difficulties of dealing with bill collectors.

Relax and enjoy as we build your wealth seamlessly

PennyTree was created with you in mind. Slowly but surely, your cash flow grows into a huge tree. PennyTree will be a pleasure to use because of our efforts to make it so. Consciously saving money is unnecessary. With PennyTree, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while also saving money.

Lock funds and grow your money

In order to earn up to 13% p.a. interest on your PennyTree account, you can use the personal vault feature, which locks your funds for at least 30 days. You don’t have to be concerned about recurrent bank fees when you use the personal target option to save as frequently as you need (daily, weekly, and monthly). With as little as N100, you may begin saving and earn interest of up to 10% each year.


If you set the rules, PennyTree will follow them, and your money will be growing.

The Google Play Store has the PennyTree app, which you can get right now.

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